4PM -6 PM 

6th- 8th Grade 






Academy Coach: Tali Stevens

Academy Coach: Mataias Brown

Academy Coach: Jake Flanagan

Academy Coach: Ryan Rampton



The 435 Elite Volleyball Club is pleased and proud to announce a new training program

for beginning players between the ages of 10 to 15 years old. This new and innovative

introductory training program is known as our 435 Volleyball Academy. It is designed

for new players to the game of volleyball and utilizes a methodology to introduce, teach

and reinforce the knowledge and skill sets necessary to complete in the game of

volleyball. It utilizes the most current teaching and coaching methodologies while

maintaining a fun and safe learning environment for players new to the game of



Our 435 Volleyball Academy was designed by and is under the direction of Coach

Roger Rampton. Coach Rampton came to 435 Elite Volleyball Club after a 28-year

career as a Police Officer/ Instructor with the Los Angeles Police Department. For 23

years of his career, Coach Rampton was assigned as a full-time instructor at the world-

renowned Los Angeles Police Department’s Police Academy. He was recognized as an

expert in curriculum design and instructor development and certification programs. He

has written numerous California P.O.S.T. approved training curriculums and designed

training programs for the LAPD. From 2005-2006, he was assigned to a small

committee of training specialists that redesigned lesson plans and integrated new

teaching methodologies into the entire LAPD’s Police Academy Recruit Training

Curriculum, which included over 1000 hours of training. 


Kinesthetic Sequencing

Coach Rampton’s knowledge of kinesthetic sequencing and ability to incorporate that process into training programs became the foundation of firearms training in the LAPD beginning in 2003. Combining this level of professional training experience, along with his competitive playing career, high school and club volleyball coaching experience, and coaching training through Gold Medal Squared Coaching Clinics under the direction of Carl McGown (BYU), Chris McGown (BYU), and Marv Dunphy (Pepperdine) has enabled Coach Rampton to develop specific training processes that incorporate principle-based learning and kinesthetic sequencing into a training model that allows a player to learn and understand the skill sets necessary to compete in the game of volleyball. In addition, this type of training provides an understanding and foundation that empowers players to continuously improve their volleyball skills in the future as they continue to practice and compete.




The Volleyball Academy is an 8-week program that will introduce and develop the

following skill sets and game knowledge to all players in the program:

  • 1. Proper footwork and athleticism

  • 2. Arm passing and serve receive fundamentals

  • 3. Hand setting

  • 4. Overhead float serving

  • 5. 4-step approach and overhead swing

  • 6. Rules of the game

  • 7. Player rotations in a game setting

  • 8. Defensive positioning


The intent of the program is to quickly and efficiently transform new players to the game

of volleyball into players with the skills necessary to begin their competitive volleyball

career. When a player has demonstrated a competency level of at least a 50% rating in

each skill set on our 435 Academy Standardized Assessment Score-sheet, that player

will be considered graduated from The 435 Academy and will be eligible to be placed on

a competitive team.


While we understand that players learn at different speeds, it is our hope that this

program will provide the opportunity for new players to the game of volleyball to play on

a competitive team this year with other graduates of the 435 Volleyball Academy.

These new players and teams (depending on the number of Academy graduates) will

play in local Southern Utah volleyball tournaments in order to gain valuable competitive

experience in order to continue their development in this wonderful game of volleyball.

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