This is the level for girls who are not interested in traveling. You will play in four local tournaments and only one traveling tournament (5 total). This is still a competitive level and playing time is not distributed equally. You will be required to practice twice a week 1.5 hours and some weekends.



Our academy will help provide a foundation where athletes improve on their fundamentals and learn more about the game in a team like setting. Club teams will still play in 3 tournaments, we want players to understand that this level is to learn how to compete as a team. 


In addition to that, playing time is more equally distributed. If we feel that the athlete is not ready for a team setting we will place them in the Academy’s training levels based on where we feel their skill level falls. While in these levels they will learn and pass off skills to get ready to be placed on a team like setting. Club Teams will be formed mid-season according to girls graduating from Academy. Because volleyball is a unique game, where it requires certain skill sets to keep a ball in play, we want kids to be able to perform these specific skill sets before they are asked to play as a team on the court.


This is our most competitive level. It requires the highest commitment from our athletes and Sunday play. Girls are required to travel up to 5 different tournaments to Salt Lake City as well as National Tournaments in Las Vegas, Southern California, and Phoenix. Because of the additional travel and national tournament costs, it does require a higher financial commitment as well. Practices will be 3 times per week for 1.5 hours and 1-2 weekends per month.

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